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So, I see some Gibson guitars being equipped with two dirty fingers pickups,

after having got a 'matched' pair of them (those are very tall guys), that makes

me wonder, is it there really a difference between those pickups?


After trying them, as to check for functionality as well, I can say they're slightly

different in personality, but it doesn't makes quite much difference whether one

is here or there.


Something that also comes to my mind - is that a DF at the bridge might mix best with

another pickup on the neck position, rather than another DF, anybody else agrees?


Also, at the Gibson site I see only one model of DF being listed... Still that doesn't

means much.

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Ok, I got it, they're all the same.


Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.


Still, are these handwounded? I can feel a certain sligthly distinct 'personality'

between mine. Both are very loud, and punchy, I don't know how that thing doesn't

beeps the whole time, I would like maybe some more feedback.


I bought them off ebay, these guys by no means are near new, despite it might have

had to get a new cord and such, they actually look like I would expect an 80's

pickup to look like. I can see the plastic is worn, has cracks, but no serial no

nothing behind it.

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