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I am considering buying a 1991 Gibson ES-295 but when I do the research I'm seeing there were two different ES-295 models made in 1991. One being a standard reissue, book value $1900 to $2350 and the second being a Historic Collection reissue with a book value $2650 to $3200. The vintage guitar guide lists the only difference as being an antique gold finish. Does anyone know if there are any other distinguishing characteristics I should be looking for as the price difference between the two is quite significant.



Roadhouse Vintage

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If the seller expects to get the premium for a "Historic Series", he's going to need documentation to prove to any buyer it's "Authenticity".


"Historic Series" Gibson's are identified in various ways such as a "Certificate Of Authenticity", a special logo or decal on the back of the headstock, or a special serial number. Just because it might be in a "Custom, Art, Historic" case is not enough evidence as cases got swapped around all the time.


If you're looking at a specific guitar, Gibson Customer Service may be able to help you from a serial number.

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