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Dove players-What strings do you like?


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Hi, all. Just got my first Gibson, a '99 Dove. The strings need replacing, and I'm wondering, what do you like? First of all, light or medium? Phos bronze or 80/20? I appreciate any suggestions!




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Hi Cep55 -


The Dove is a guitar that changes a lot from new to faded strings.

Very crisp and willing with fresh steel and almost rubber-like vague - still cool sounding after they die down.

For that reason I have decided to put on Gibson Masterbuilt Premiums 12-53 phosphor bronze on mine tomorrow.

They are too 'wild and exposing' for my Hummingbird (the G-string), but will be interesting to follow on the maple.

I'm on the learning curve here too, but don't go for anything too weak - and don't colour the basic nature of that flier with coated strings either.


Please report - Welcome

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Hey, Em7 - thanks so much for your response (and for the welcome!) Very helpful.


You're absolutely right; this bird sounded pretty nice even with the old strings that were on it, but much livelier now and quite different. But in an awesome way! I put on some D'Angelico PB lights (12-54). Sounds great - crisp and bright but not too bright, and nice warmth on the low end... let me know how your string change goes. And maybe others will join in and we can keep a little database of strings tried....

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