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Permission to come aboard, Captain! [biggrin]


Well, being the proud owner of a four year old design called a 'child' (loud, lots of high frequencies, 'off' switch doesn't work) I'm finding I have no money left over for buying gits. But I have started putting aside parts to get my Sheraton as I want it: I have a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat waiting to go into the neck, and I'm waiting for funds to get a TV Jones Classic (filtertron type pup) for the bridge. I've got a bone nut waiting for me to cut, as I could never get the G on the old plastic one to run smoothly. I did my first nut last week for a buddy's acoustic and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also waiting for funds is a new Tone Pros bridge. And that will be it for the Sheraton- I don't know whether to bother replacing the tailpiece, some folk say it improves the tone, but I like the way the gold has faded on mine. If anyone convinces me about the tone question, then I might do that somewhere down the line.


Since I was last here I also got Power Scaling installed on my Valve Junior, but I guess that's a conversation for Amps.






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There have been a mess of rare epi basses on my local CL of late:






and my personal favorite:



here's some thump till vomer shows up


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