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Epiphone 185


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I've seen a used Epiphone Jumbo 185 guitar for sale in a shop.


Can't find any history of these so any info welcome...


It was finished in a beautiful sunburst with a nice wood-effect headstock, much like the Gibson Songwriter.

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I say go for it.

I bought an AJ-18s12 (slope shoulder) 12 string for $145 (US) and a great guitar.

Great build and great sound. Low action for a 12 with no buzz.

Keep looking for an affordable 6 string version (AJ-18sce)


If the SJ is anything like the AJ, it will be a great addition.

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Congrats Al, you've just aged and ID'd you guitar.


You won't get that kind of service over at the AGF (are they still funct?)



Ah.. it's exactly the SJ 18S - me mistaking the S for a 5 - geeso!


Same inlays too!


Cheers for that!

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