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Help me put a Bigsby on my Tele


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So I've decided on putting a B5 on my Telecaster and I need help picking the bridge parts. It's for my '08 American Standard Tele.


I don't want to use the vibramate stuff.. My main concern is having a really solid bridge that won't move around and it needs to fit my model guitar.

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why not get the B-5 kit with the included "semi floating" bridge?


that's what I did......it was a 4 hr job taking meticulous time w/it.







I seriously suggest Fender brand locking tuners when you Bigs-it.


mine stays in tune just fine.

This was what I looked at first, but my past experience with this type of bridge has me looking for something more solid.


Jeff-7 actually messaged me this link which is exactly what I was looking for.




I was thinking of getting the normal three barrel type bridge and cutting grooves for the strings to pass through but the mounting holes don't line up with my telecaster model. The bridge in this link looks PERFECT because I can intonate it, it won't move, and it will fit on my guitar. I just need to find out where to buy one

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