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I can't help but be sceptical here about Gibson claims for unprecedented demand. If this is so and all dealers books are full with eagerly waiting customers then how come none of the DF's offered on Ebay are selling?

I know they are a tad overpriced but the economics of supply & demand would negate this premium on price if they were the last few available.

IMHO it is not the sell out they had hoped for (Thanks global recession) and we are only left waiting due to the publicised production issues not an unprecedented global demand.

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"Sell Out" is a viewpoint; and a managed one at that. From the Gibson viewpoint, they probably DID sell out their supply... To whom? Gibson's customers are retail outlets, the GC's of this world, etc., and that's how Gibson can say what they say.


The retailers are probably still in the midst of selling. It is possible that Gibson is "managing" them by slowly handing out the guitars in order to keep the illusion of short supply to customers.


Customers are of at least two types: Real and fake "investors". AND, ... it's just that some of these idiot "investors" bought them to try and resell them in the 10 days before Christmas. It was a risk they took.

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