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How much is this 82 Gibson LP Standard worth?


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I am interested in a black with creme pick guard 1982 Les Paul Standard that my friend is thinking of selling me. How much should I look to spend on it? Everything is stock and it's in pretty good condition. Serial Number 80262644. Also, what kind of neck does this have? Thin? Fat?







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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


First of all congratulations for this beauty! Very nice Norlin-era Standard in great condition!


If You post pictures showing it from a side view, - probably - we can tell something about the neck profile. I would be interested about the heel of the neck (neck-body joint) in this particular case.


I have seen this bridge before on Norlins, but I have no clue whether it's a stock or aftermarket article.


Cheers... Bence

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Guest Farnsbarns

I would say around $2000 usd considering it is 30+ years old and in good condition. As far as neck style, I have no clue without actually seeing it in person. Could be either.


IMO that would be a lot for it. It's the least desirable era of Standard there has ever been. My valuation, based only on those pictures and limited info provided would be more like $1200-$1600 depending on condition.

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