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And that is an amazingly beautiful guitar! Man, what a beauty. Really, just stunning.

My 1968 345 ES. I have owned it for 15 yrs but have not managed to find out much about it. 3 PAFs and block inlays are very unusual so appears to be a one off. I have original case and some origin

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Well, Gibson has a habit of "changing spec's without notice," and/or naming guitar models however they choose, correct spec wise, or not![tongue][biggrin] LOL


Example: I have two double cut Les Paul Specials, that Gibson named Les Paul "Junior Lite!" LP Junior's (Single or double cut) have ONE

Dog ear P-90. Les Paul Specials have 2 Soap bar P-90's. Mine have the "Special" spec's, but with mini-trapezoid fret markers, instead of "dot" markers,

and dual P-100 (humbucker P-90 soapbar) pickups. Still, they chose "Junior" lite, as the name! So...your ES-"345" was probably that, even though it

really only has the Varitone, in common, with a 345 spec wise.


But, whatever works, or whatever they call it...it's still a nice guitar, and "unique!" Again...Good Score! [thumbup]




Tell it like it is CB



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