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Bought Another Gibson--just added (PUBLIC) video of Dove


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Never say "Never," especially when it comes to guitars. Today at Guitar Center I ran into a used Dove (#02439001). They told me it had been a studio guitar and had rarely been played-out. Very strong sounding guitar. Sweet maple looks, and a pick guard that looks like it's never been touched. This guitar has literally no scratches, etc. on it. Can't even find one little ding. The price was 1689, but it sold for less. I called Gibson to verify the serial #. It's real. The guitar has been registered with them also. No repairs that they have a record of. I'll try to get some pics up or a video sometime tomorrow. I really don't know what used Doves are selling for, but this price seemed pretty decent to me and even though I stumbled onto it, I didn't think I could let it go. I have been looking at Doves a little bit, but didn't expect to see one today. It wasn't there last Sunday.....Also, I never noticed during the approx. two hours I spent dealing with them, but this guitar has a pickup in it. I don't know if they noticed it either, because no one mentioned it while I was talking about having to install a pickup in it, etc.....I assume it's a Braggs, but I don't know. Anyway, I suspect I'm going to be real satisfied with this new addition to the family. Haven't had maple for a good long while. This is almost like a brand new guitar. Another blonde.


Just added a short video. Sorry for the glare at times. Anyway, real nice instrument. I'll try to get some clear pics of the figured maple. It shows-up real well.


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Congrats on the great Dove & deal! [thumbup] I think you'll love it. Still think the Dove is my fav and had pined away for one for years (someday I'd own him and in May 2011 my dream came true).


Try different strings as it seems the strings make all the difference and seem to "go dead" sounding IMHO. I landed with either D'Addario Phosphor/Bronze or Gibson Masterbuilt's like they come from the factory with.


At $1689 it was a very good price. Below that you stole it. I wonder how long till Gibson will make them again and with the freeze on any special order builds it may be a while.


Love the Dove to death MP. They are, to me anyway, a great sounding & playing guitar. Love the new HBird, but the Dove is what I'd keep if only one.



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Wow sounds and looks awesome. Very strong and crisp. (Is it the narrower nutwidth ?)

However I predict you will be amazed how much the guitar changes when the strings fade.

Not that it will sound bad, but definitely different. Significantly more rounded, ever rubber-mellow in the bass.

I sometimes use mine in the after midnite hours if my ears are extraodinary sensitive and then it sings like - not a dove, but an angel.

Had it inside a quiet demo-recording lately - in standard tuning also with old strings, , , ideal.

Bet you experience that too. Look forward to hear more.


Happy Saturday

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