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Need help identifying SG!


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Hey guys!


I'm new to the forum, and I've got an issue I need help with.


I recently got this guitar in a trade. The guy said that it's a 90's MIJ Epi SG. I traded old gear I got for $100, so I figured it was a good deal. He also threw in a TKL hardshell case.


Either way, he said he got it as a gift, so didn't know much about it for sure.


Anyways, the headstock has the logo that resembles the e-series guitars. The knobs didn't seem to match 90's epiphones, and the pickup switch is white. Also, the pots just say "500k A/B" no other numbers. I took apart the neck and there's nothing underneath signifying anything, and there's no serials on the guitar.



Needless to say, the case is worth it, and the guitar, HONESTLY sounds really nice. If the guitar is a fake, why would they fake an epiphone?


Thanks ahead of time!

post-58888-094676000 1377316886_thumb.jpg

post-58888-055838800 1377316888_thumb.jpg

post-58888-033377400 1377316910_thumb.jpg

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I dont know a lot about that guitar, but have seen versions of it before. Epiphone made them I think for only a year or 2, and they all had that funky headstock & graphic. I see them from time to time on eBay. I dont think they're worth a lot, but for what you paid with the HC case I think you got a good deal.


Hopefully someone else here who knows more about the guitar will chime in. :)

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It looks nice. Having a bolt-on neck, it isn't going to be worth much. The SG's Epi makes now with bolt-on necks (or any of their other models) are entry-level guitars.


And yes, there are counterfeit Epi's being made.


Yeah, seems very similar to my G-310. Bolt on neck, dot inlays, full size pickguard. Don't know when they started making the 310 but that might be a version of it.


EDIT: Looks like the pickups and switch are different, maybe swapped. Also, if it has 500k pots, those aren't original either as far as I know. :-k

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