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Life without a Gibson

Justin Langston

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I wake up each morning thankful for the life I have. Who agrees with me that waking up without our Gibson......Well I can't stand to think about that...how horrible. lol God Bless Gibson and proud to play your equipment !!!!!




I'm with you there! It is hard to imagine no guitar, and when I see some nutter doing some weird stuff because they are basically bored, I often think they probably need to learn to an instrument! No much time to be bored with all the guitar learning, equipment learning and operating..................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>busy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.



Years ago, I couldn't really find a band that was playing blues like I played and I got asked to join a band of Charles Manson lookalikes as their Singer!


I did a nice little Prima Donna! And after a few gigs and offering to help the rest of the band pack up, I became a 'proper' star and grabbed a drink, watched them all hoofing stuff, and it was a really interesting point of view after my life so far of carrying guitars, amps, PAs, etc....


But I didn't last long and quit to join a band as guitarist..........








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Waking up without a Gibson while not a pleasant prospect would not be the end of the world. Waking up without a guitar - that is something I cannot imagine.


..Think I would tend to agree with you there!

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There are several guitars and basses I wouldn't want to do without. I also am in need of flatpicks, amp emulator, MIDI foot controller, and headphones. I seldom use speakers at home. My guitar and bass rigs are in the rehearsal rooms of the related bands.


However, I would miss it all much more in the evening than in the morning.

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