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I believe in a small amount of Mojo in anything manufactured.


For example, I work in the snowmobile industry.....sometimes you just get one that is faster and runs better than all the others off the assembly line.


We like to joke that the slow ones were built on Monday morning after a long party weekend and the fast ones were built the day bonuses were handed out.



I know people will say "no such thing" as mojo, but my answer to that is..........take the first guitar off the line and live with it.......if there is really "no difference" why do we play multiple guitars to pick "the one"?


Maybe that "mojo" is just how it relates to your ears........maybe the one that has mojo to me would be the one someone else puts aside, etc.



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I think you might have done a nice analogy with the motor industry, having worked and flown supposedly equal airplanes

shows that factor as well. Theres no such a thing as two equal engines or whatever.


I liked my DP100 I bought in '99, I got a random bid on an auction site for another DP 100, I don't think the fact that

one is two conducer and other is four would make any difference. Despite mine has had much more use and wear and great

sound, I try this new little guy and it delivers an even more vintage, punchy with no loss on sustain.

I was fearing to have one as series as the other as parallel but it doesn't seems like (just in case someone put a seymour

wire, doesnt looks like but, who knows?). I needed to find my tester, I just shoved it in the guitar...


Still I have never tried as to feel the difference between a parallel x series humbucker, is it very noticeable?


This little guy's got some charachter.

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I do think that mood has a big impact on sound, or at least the sound that you think you hear. I love 57s, put them in a lot of my guitars but I do feel that they sound different. In my Gibson Mahogany Explorer in my Tokai Mahogany explorer, even in my Ibanez Mahogany Explorer. Yes the construction may be slightly different but they do sound different. I put them in my Korina Bacchus Explorer and they do sound different again, but I do not put it all down to the wood. Some times I pick one of my guitars and think of the sound that I am going to hear, plug it in and think...this is not what I expected..... or perhaps it is me becoming a deaf old git.



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