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HEY EPIPHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was looking at that nice black Casino in the "show us your Epiphones" thread. Epiphone, could you dig out the casting "pattern", I do not believe those things were "forge formed" (or have a new pattern manufactured) and pour a bunch of those Epiphone style "Bigsby" whammy units ? I'd dig both chrome/nickel and brass ones for a few of my Epiphone guitars that would probably look and work perfectly on. I know I could get a Bigsby style, but the ones specifically branded with the Epsilon "E" that is the trademark of an Epiphone guitar, I would like to be able to get, from Epiphone, a couple of those style bars. How about it Epiphone ? Could you contract out a foundry, send them the patterns (if they still exist) and pour a few castings to make a number of those whammy things available ? Thanks [thumbup]

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hey this is my 1000th post.


Congrats [thumbup]


would anyone else like to see this happen ?


Yeah I would like to have a 1000 posts.

(okay I knew what you were talking about. but I couldn't resist) [biggrin]



If you start a poll or petition, we could all sign it and send it. Let's see if Vincent at Gibson see's this.

Personally I don't know why Epiphone stopped branding them (unless Bigsby was the one that was behind that).

I didn't bring it up in my longwinded story of my Casino purchase, but the mom and pop store owner Gene, in 1997, mentioned that very thing to me that he thought "Bigsby" was pushing at Epiphone to stop branding the vibrato. And, that in the future they would all say Bigsby on them. It made no sense to me what he was saying, nor did I care much since my Casino had a Vibratone on it.


Maybe Gene knew something since since he was so heavily vested and carried a large inventory of Epiphones. Maybe he knew things and maybe he named names. He did have a few of those U2-Commie Red Danelectros in the shop

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