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What a difference a forum makes.


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It is a great forum here. I miss some of the members who don't come any more...

Yes. Me too.


I think Damian is more active over in the Epi part of the forum.


Matt is playing a lot and recording stuff too. He keeps on inviting me to the Sidcup Guitar evenings but they are always on a Saturday so I can never go along.

He's pretty active on f'book, though.


Before I went on Hols Flight was immersed in buying a new house so that's probably eating up any free-time he has just now. I must give him a bell tomorrow...


N!k and I are friends on f'book but as I never use the site I've kind of lost touch. He DID get married recently so that's possibly taking up some of his time.

He seems to be absolutely loving his original 1952 Gold-Top, though! Good Man!



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