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Cheers All - been on Walkabout


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BK777 was kind enough to let me know a few people asked if I was still around.

Just had a small break from the Forum...firstly a holiday in Borneo...saw a few orangutans that reminded me of one or two posters here!

Then I've been snowed under at work so decided to go cold turkey on the forum for a while.

Will be back properly soon with more plonky guitar and whiney singing.

Thanks everyone...hope all is well with you all.

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Thanks fellers! Those Cell Block H references made me laugh.I can proudly say I've never watched an episode of Neighbours or Home and Away...but Prisoner (as it was called in Oz) was a source of cheesy goodness and I did enjoy it.

When BBG and PM started going on about Lizzies I thought PM was going to bring up his Stones obsession [biggrin] again.

I think I do remember an episode where Mick had a cameo part only to have his head thrust into the laundry steam press by Queen Bea!


Del, that's a super new geetar.

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