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comparing tone... Martin D15M and Gibson SJTV


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Hi. I do these comparisons from time to time... Here is when I made a comparison between the J45TV (sitka 2007), Martin D15M, and an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500R (Rosewood) last year : https://soundcloud.com/sal-from-chatham/a




This is my comparison between the Martin D15M, and the Gibson SJTV - my new addition.






The low E on my D15 is slightly sharp in retrospect... but oh well.


I personally hear the D15 slightly more muddy and bassy than the SJTV.


My J50 - more fundamental sound than both of the above.

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How old is the SJTV, Sal? Like my 45TV, it sounds like it just needs some time to open up, which of course, it certainly will and will become a monster. It sounds great, just a little more reserved than the D15.


Thanks for posting. What do you use to record your songs and samples?



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The SJTV is new... I think a build date in January of this year.


I typically use an iPad, Garageband, and an Apogee iMic. For this latest however, I used the Tascam im2... a little IOS product that I bought on clearance from Amazon. Normally it is $80 - they had it on sale for $20 last week. I figured it is worth an experiment at $20...


My old sitka J45TV was awesome.

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Enjoyed the comparisons. Yes, the all-hog D-15 does lose some clarity, but it's only going to be noticed when heard back to back like this, in with other guitars. A boxier sound, w/ the square shoulders & 25.4 scale. A few years old now, is it? Sounds like you've been playing that one.


The new SJTV sounds comparatively tight (yet) , but I loved that clip you shared recently when you first got it; sounded total-Gibson, and that new-box sound isn't apparent until heard next to a played-in guitar.


Good for putting the Epiphone in for perspective. Different strings than the Martin? Did you change out the strings yet on the SJ?

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