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Communication problem

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Hello all.


In first sorry for my bad English, i use google to translate.


I have a SCS.1d and SCS.1m.

The mixer works perfectly but the deck does almost nothing.

When I push a button the first arrow of darouter lights but not the square or the second arrow. There are only the vinyl which reacted three elements.


The SCS.1d does the LCD screens that light, no other button.

I can adjust the internal parameters of the deck but nothing else.

The firmware and darouter is up to date.


Can you help me?

Thank you.

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I have succeeded to make the deck work.

I turned off the deck in the flash for make an incomplete firmware.

I then redo a normal flash.


Everything works fine now but SCS1D have a 00000 id.


Is there a way to have a normal id?


thank you.

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