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J35 J45 TV video comparison


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These are fun. . looking forward to the sound comparison. I hope you'll include the standard to give a comparison with the TV?


Have you noticed much of a difference?


Incidentally, cowboy chords are good for comparison tests

That's a good idea, I'll include the standard also.. Yeah the TV sounds as though it could really open up and exceed the std. But this is all tricky . The std is 4 years more worn in, it has the strings and gauges that I like. It's like a comfortable shoe. I play it all of the time AND I'm a bit spooked knowing that I may return one of the guitars, so it's feels a little bit hard to dig in to the new ones. I find that I really like a the fatter neck on the J35 though . Wish I had that neck on my std.....

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The fat neck on the 35 is one main reason why I am leaning more towards it than the std 45. How does the 35 neck compare to the TV?


Any first impressions on first strum? Is the gloss finish on the TV the same as on the std 45?

1st strum...meh, second strum. Hmmm.....third, yeah, 4th , OH YEAH. Finish looks the same to me. Necks from meaty to meager : J35-J45TV- J45std. With the TV and std necks very close . I bet that I would really like a Legend.

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