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Wide Casino Headstock


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Any currently or recently produced Casino models with a wider headstock like on the older ones? For reference here's a pic of Paul McCartney's (on left) as an example:




Someone more familiar with the current incarnation of Epiphone will be able to give you a better answer but I think there's a series of " '62 Anniversary Models" (?) that feature a Casino with that headstock and the arrow head truss rod cover and I also believe black plastic covered P-90s. The original 1961 Casino had that headstock from upon its introduction until about mid-1963 when it went to the elongated headstock. In the mid 70s (C.1974) an extension of the 5102/EA-250, I believed called the EA-255, was designated the "EA-255 Casino" but had absolutely no connection or resemblance to the E-230 Casinos of Kalamazoo origin and wasn't really a very good guitar though some who have them are quite happy with them.

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