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New-to-me PR-200


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For £37 I got me a bit of a bargain. With new D'Addario 12's settling in I'm pleasantly surprised by the sound. This isn't one of Epiphone's best acoustics, but the sound is reasonable, bright without being tinny, and reasonably well-balanced across the tonal range. I bought it as I didn't have an acoustic, and my four year old daughter wants me to play songs from Bagpuss. I think it can handle that :).


Fret ends are a little sharp in places, but all well set in, just a few minutes with a file to sort out. The nut is well cut and the frets are amazingly level for a cheaper instrument. Given that I won't be getting the action very low, there won't be any need for fret skimming.The action will go just about low enough, but it's limited by the shape of the bridge, which angles forwards in a wedge shape. I can lower the saddle a little but not too much, or the strings will have no break angle over the saddle.


I'll post a pic soon (editing this Oct 3rd.)

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