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Please advise me on best way at least cost to ship..

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I have shipped every guitar that I have sold using UPS Ground. The guitars all get packed real well. Runs me about $50 from NJ to Florida, or about $75 to the west coast. I have heard that the USPS is cheaper, but I never felt comfortable with them.


I actually wont be selling any more guitars; I feel like I have been too lucky having shipped about ten of them with no issues. I figure I am due!

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Mersey support Fred in his case with UPS and go another route.

I use USPS or canada post as its called here in canada and have never had and issue. It is cheaper no doubt but that's not why I use them.

Its the local mail service that takes them and they are brought inside every evening when not out for delivery.

Also I will add I will never use them at Christmas time ever again.

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Similarly, I've shipped somewhere around 40 guitars since '09 and have only had one incident, a bad side wraparound crack that went by UPS. I'm blaming myself for that one. Also have had about the same number shipped to me, through all three carriers with no damages. USPS 'standard shipping' has recently bumped up in price to approximate UPS Ground. FedEx is a tick higher in price. I prefer the post office because I have tiny rural PO's that can give you attentive service so you aren't rushed...more importantly they aren't rushed. In any case, the height of the box should be below 48" and the combined 'running' inches should fall below 102, when tape is run length, width, depth and wraparound (the short way). Call to check that I've remembered that number correctly. I imagine in a busy metropolitan PO it'll be a pain in the ace to haul in a big box and wait in line. UPS is more used to bigger pkgs, but there are vids featuring box tossing incidents by their delivery and loading guys.


I slack tune and sometimes pull the pins so I can minimize box size w/o having pressure put on the bridge area of the top. Most importantly, pull the endpin or put soft foam blocks on either side of it so it doesn't bounce on that vulnerable point.

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Now I'm curious. What did you ship MB, that you insured for that much?


Hi Jed


This one:




I put it on the UMGF and within an hour and a half it was sold.

I had some serious sellers remorse as after I had it done, I got a sick feeling that I sold this beauty off to cheap.

When I was packing it with my wife, she started apologizing to the guitar for sending her away crying...yeechs !


On the UMGF I looked back and saw a message from a member there after I had asked questions as to selling price..and I thought this guy wrote..

"I have sold many Custom Martins and you are definately over pricing this one.."

I looked back at those messages today and what he actually wrote was.."I have sold many Custom Martins, and you are definately UNDER pricing this one.."

Oh man..

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Thanks for sharing. Hard to figure when or whether it would have sold if the price was higher, but I guess we all have a list of guitars we regret letting go of. It was probably important to you to have a few bucks in your pocket so it served a purpose.

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And still waiting for PayPal to send check..

I replaced the Martin under my bed with the Braz/Adirondack Huss & Dalton DS which I got last summer, and I must say

when I slide it out most mornings to start the day the word "Wow" no longer comes to my mind at the sight of this plain guitar as it did with Martin,

but wow it does, when I hear the sound that comes out of it.

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