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Serial # Question for Administrator - 2006 or 1996?

Brain Bell Jangler

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that number brings up 3 historic ES-335s...from 1996' date=' there is one in faded cherry and one in natural finish; from 2006 there is one in vintage sunburst...[/quote']


Hey Custom Admin--


If Gibson is re-using serial numbers even in the numbering within the same model line, then what is to stop a less than scrupulous seller from stealing all these publicly posted serial numbers attached to models and using them to create fakes? Now we all know that some serial numbers appear twice in the Gibson registry.



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serial number duplication is extremely common throughout much of Gibson's history, as is skipping of certain numbers within a given range. as far as people counterfeiting numbers goes...there's not a lot we can do about it. It's happening now, and i have no doubt it was happening before the internet...

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Hello ,

I recently bought a very nice Gibson Sunburst Es 335 Historic block guitar on Ebay .

The guitar was sold to me as a 2006 made guitar wich looks correct to me : it looks almost new .

the serial number on the orange label inside and on the Coa is A 36076 .

How can i know if this guitar was built in 1996 or 2006 ??

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