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Left hander

Availability of Left Handed GT Pro Deluxe?

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Hi all,


Please forgive the direct nature of this, my first post but I'm pulling my hair out in frustration.


I live in the UK and am desperate to purchase a Left Handed Steinberger GT Pro Deluxe.


Unfortunately, after a day trawling the 'net and phoning many dealers, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to buy this model 'anywhere' on the planet.


According to dealers, it is still a current model (?) and their orders are valid, yet some have had it on backorder since January '13.


Further, I have found it impossible to find contact information for Gibson 'anywhere'. My only remaining option is this forum.


Please can someone tell me if it is still a current model and that they will at least one day be delivered. If not, please put myself and many others in the same boat out of our collective missery and say it's discontinued.


On that note (and as I don't have enough posts to post in the Trading section), I would be willing to buy a Left Handed Spirit GT Pro Deluxe (or Standard at a push) in Black (or White possibly) from a forum member in the UK if you're looking to sell.


Apologies if this breaks any forum rules but I'm a desperate man. :)


Many thanks,



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Have you considered just playing it upside down. The leg rest would be in the wrong place of course, but I never use it anyway. The volume, tone and selector switches would actually be in a better position. I find the volume control to be exactly where it shouldn't be. Constantly gets in the way. Maybe that's just me. The Spirit logo would be upside down but who cares about that. Then it's just a matter of swapping the strings and moving the saddles to fix the intonation.

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