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Gibson Nighthawk, anyone know them?


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Hi guys, just came from a friends shop and he had two used gibsons there: a nighthawk and a blueshawk (to me they looked like the same guitar with different pickups and bridge... and one was hollow).


I think I've seen the solid one before, but the hollow bodied guitar I had never seen (very small for a hollow body) I liked it, but he says he is keeping that one...


So the other one (solid body, the nighthawk I think) he is selling. I didnt ask the price but the guitar looked interesting, has any of you guys tried them or does anyone here own one?


I looked for them on ebay and they are not cheap (I expected 300-400 but I see them listed at 500 and more for a model with dot inlays which I think might be a cheaper/cheapest version). I found one that looked close to the one I tried and it was listed 750... which I think is a lot.


So, are they any good?

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I'll warn you: I'm a SUCKER for the Blueshawk. Be warned.


Thunder, I have played them both. A friend of mine owns a Blueshawk and i've played Nighthawks in guitar shops. Nigthawks ar cool, ok? Now I can move on and talk about the Blueshawk.


I think that the Blueshawk is by far the best relation money x guitar that Gibson has to offer. They have a serious tone range, because of the varitone switch. The guitar has a dummy coil that eliminates hum - that's why they are so silent with that pickups. That guitar is incredibly LIGHT. It's like a feather and well balanced. The pickups are not the standard P-90, they even have a name for themselves: Blues 90 - you won't find that pickups anywhere else, I think. The tonal range is just amazing, lit can go blues, rock, jazzy, humbucker, strat, tele, es 335... you name it, she delivers. As the name suggests, the guitar was meant for blues, but dom't listen to those guys, this guitar covers any style.


I'll link some videos on youtube to prove I'm right - yes, I AM.


But there's a guy we can trust that had something to say about blueshawk:


The guitar was almost brand new, and, after playing it for ten minutes, I knew it was going to be a keeper. I especially liked the dummy coil buried between the two P-90s, which keeps the guitar quiet while allowing the essence of the single-coils to come through. I really dig the Blueshawk. It’s like having a Les Paul, an ES-345, a Strat, a Tele, and an ASAT all rolled into one.


—Will Ray, willray@hellecasters.com



I can keep going.

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I saw those on the net (google) but the one my friend has for sale has a weird bridge... looks like a strat's bridge humped a tele's bridge and a flyin' V bridge AND a PRS bridge (must have been one hell of a party if you ask me).


I'm going to try it tomorrow and ask how much he is asking for her... then offer him half of it :D

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Coool Dusty Old Thread!


I love the Nighthawk, Possibly the Best Guitar that Never Was. Chambered Body, Hot Humbucker, Mini Bucker, String Through Body Bridge. Balanced Pretty nicely for a Gibson. Sportier than an LP though Less Recognizable. $450 buck off of Ebay, already more than Doubled my investment (as if I'd consider selling it).


Here I am with my Band playing my Nighthawk last year.

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