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I've had my guitar (2011 LP Studio) for more than a year and when it was new it had the routine 'break-in' period issues, tuning instability, comfort, pickup height adjustment, action ... the tuning issues are pretty much resolving as the nut is being worn in with use. I used a leather shoelace weaved between the strings in front of the nut as a training wheel, but i don't need it anymore. Pretty much got the guitar to where it feels right and sounds right for me. I find the baked maple fretboard to be a little slick, slippery compared to rosewood, but the colour and feel are deepening with lemon oil. top wrapped strings and lowered tailpiece so i could get good action and it gives the strings a bouncy feel. lowered the burstbucker pros from standard position because they where to hot, they're great sounding with the luxe bee harness and fifties wiring i did install aftermarket. don't have any real complaints about it, the deep cherry red finish on the plain maple cap is just lucious in lower light. mmmmmmm lp studio ..... (insert homer simpson).

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