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Peizo pickup adjustment on the fly????


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rotate MCK to LED-I to adust the Piezo signal. You can toggle between

- no piezo = LED-I blinks red

- regular piezo signal = LED-I blinks green

- equalized piezo signal = LED-I blinks blue.

Rotate the toggle switch to blend in the desired amount of piezo signal.


from the Tronical posts.=P~

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Beginning to feel like an idiot here.


I have tried and tried. I get sound out of the Piezo pickup when adjusting the settings, and can vary it then, but I am not getting any output from them once I push the MCK back in - regardless of whether I select the Green or Blue setting for the Piezo pickup. I have the power supply unhooked and am running out with a stereo cable to the splitter/charger box and then out to separate amps.


Any advice or suggestions???


For example - I have been trying to set it up so that I am on the "Acoustic" setting with the piezo on. I select "C" press to get C in white. Turn to B to select Acoustic. Press MCK to Save. Select C again so it is white. Turn to the I. Select Blue / Green (I have tried both) and, again, press to save. At THAT point I sound from the piezo but the PZ Blend does not seem to do anything. However, as soon as I push the MCK back in - it disappears.


If I go out MONO direct to the amp - when I select the Piezo control I DO have sound AND control at the PZ Blendbut still lose it when I push the MCK back in.




Am I doing something wrong?



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answered my own question - but in case anyone else has the same problem ... USER ERROR, RTFM (carefully) to keep the piezo active you need to turn the MCK to the PEG setting before you push it in.




Did I mention I love this thing and I haven't even gotten the RIP interface yet - - I may not be able to leave the house for a month.



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