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rococo jesse james - original uke blues


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Having a few beers, watching a spaghetti western and mucking around with blues licks on a uke and came up with this strange one....bit of fun i hope - with a few movie references for fellow old codgers




I ran amok in Italy

I ran amok in Spain

They let me out of prison

And I ran amok again

I’m the continental outlaw

Rococo Jesse James

I’m a sophisticated bandit

I ride a sophisticated range


I been rich as Croesus

Been as poor as dirt

But I never skimped on caviar

Or embroidered silk shot shirts

And if you see me coming

Beware of what’s beneath

I might look like Tyrone Power

But I’m bad like Lee Van Cleef


I shake the bush and run

I’m such a cool hand son

I live the code bang bang

My tippy toes wont hang


I’m the continental outlaw

Rococo Jesse James

Call me that this evening

Tomorrow I might have another name


I kidnapped once a Countess

The good Lady Antoinette

Ransom got paid swiftly

But it wasn’t over yet

She cried Jesse oh dear Jesse

I’d rather stay with you

Well with my eye for beauty

What could a poor boy do



So now we terrorise the Pyrenees

Cut a swathe through the Frenchy Alps

Annie in her ruby crown,

Me in my gold gun belt

We’re continental outlaws

Rococo and Mrs James

We’re sophisticated bandits

We ride a sophisticated range

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gis that owld song will ya ?


Amazin stuff.....i wanna do a version ofg it..chsange a couople of words...and hit the mountains...


If ya let me..I'll post a guitar version???..maybe..


excellent my man


thank you


go for it me old china plate...I'd love to hear that!

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