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J200M review


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Scoose me fer arskin... but are you a endorsee for Gibsun and there J200's ?? [confused]


Cos yer put hundreds up on here now aint yer..


Just wondered like.. :-"


It became JC's responsibility to regularly post Gibson samples after our Gibson forum members annual convention in Vegas strip bars.

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Is this short-scale? Would be wildly fun if so.


edit: sorry all. Meant to post this to Jerry's "Buy List" thread (more about the Super Jumbos than this mini). Looks like we've got parallel threads goin' here : [scared]


This would indeed be interesting if it were a short scale. Aerohead's recent post of his super jumbo (beautifully colorful inlays on that one, btw), shows how sweet these can sound when capo'ed. I wish it were as easy as "just capo up & there's your short scale", but the capo really eats up some real estate on the neck that is really important to me. Kinda painful to quickly return down the neck, only to slam into the capo w/ the thumb, etc.


I think the Jackson Browne 12-fret's design is a combination of placing the bridge further down into the lower bout and extending the upper bout up the neck to the 12th. But the one we've all seen Stan Jay of Mando Bros. playing in this video seems to be wearing a top hat, bridge in same position (?)...


Seems as if the scale length, long or short, were shifted downward into the lower bout, the playing position might give some relief to those predisposed to shoulder issues.

( ? x 2 )





ps: +1 on the 12-fret J-45 wish here, too. Make mine a slot head. You listening, Big G??

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