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Need your spiritual support today and next few days


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Hallo mates,


Wednesday afternoon I fell down bad and injured my left shoulder... The diagnosis after the x-rays is luxation of the left acromioclavicular joint.


As you know I am a physician. The first two days I was thinking that I'll be able to get over the situation with bandages, but after a nightmare second night I realised it will be impossible.


Today in the afternoon I go to the hospital and the surgery is tomorrow...


In the moment I can not play guitar - I feel my left hand kind of "disconnected" from the body... Almost can not move it in the shoulder...


I have never been operated in my life and the anticipation of this operation makes me feel uneasy...


Hope and believe you will say a little prayer for me.


After the surgery I'll make a "heavy-metal report" to inform you what kind of "robocop spare parts" I have in my left shoulder.


Cheers until then unsure.gif

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ah mate that is bad news.I didn't know you were a physician...you are one talented guy.So you know better than any of us about recovery times etc.

I've had a few operations...including two on my left (fretting) hand and I'm still doing ok

.So will you.Thoughts are with you Krassi. Best of luck to you.

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Best of luck. My prayers and good wishes are with you. Do whatever the doctors and physical therapists tell you to do and be patient...these things can take some necessary time to heal before they are fully healed, and its important that you give them that time. (I'm sure you've told patients that yourself.)


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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Big question -

If they have to add some cables to the joint, will you be using Gibson or Martin?

Or will you cross over and get some nickle Fender Bullets?

You may need to borrow one of our small bodies while you're doing rehab.


I believe God has blessed us with talented physicians/surgeons that do his work.


Best of luck and praying for a quick and full recovery.



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We are thinking of you!



5 or 6 years ago, I had an accident on my bicycle - I hit a chain across a track and the bike and I went flying through the air in a tangle. I broke some ribs, but more scarily, my right hand down the middle. I also broke my left wrist when I was a teenager, so I am a bit crooked, even after repairs.



The shock is the strangest part - I should have just called an ambulance or at least some help, but instead I walked my broken bicycle all the way home. Why??? Shock......


As soon as I could play guitar again, I was off - with my thumb sticking out the cast and a thumb pick....... we can't be stopped.




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thank all of you guys... I'm in the hospital room in the hospital bed and it is 21.30 - reading all your kind words.

I am playing in a grup - we are 3 singer-songwriters and a woman-singer and we play only acoustic guitars. on the 29.09.2013 we have a concert in London and I hope and BELIEVE I'll play&sing there and I;ll do it fine!!!

Thanks for the support!!!

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Smashed my left distal radial head about 10 years ago, and I remrmber the anxiety I felt, feeling so separate from playing my music and not knowing for how long.


But three weeks later, still sporting an external fixator and temporary pins and on the advice of my physical therapist, I picked up my guitar and managed the strength to play G-G7-C- (D7 coming a few weeks later). Not for the faint of heart, but so important to USE the surgically-affected muscles as soon as possible, as I know you know.


And I felt better right away, and I could gage my healing every day by how much strength and fluidity I could muster. So you are in the darkest part of the journey, I suspect, but the light is not far. And your music will be your rehab, and the time will pass.


Wishing you well, Doctor GIBS-

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