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Literally waiting for paint to dry


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I am in the process of refinishing a guitar for one of the members here on the forum,so today after I finished prepping the body, and shot the first coat, I had some time to kill so I thought I would do a couple other little nagging projects I have been meaning to do.

On my 1960 Gibson case the small brass Gibson plate lost the small brass brads, so I thought it would only take a couple of minutes to replace the brads, and while the paint was drying on the guitar I am working on so it would be a perfect "fill-in" project.

So I bring out the guitar case, get my new brass brads, cut them to length, but wanted to polish the name plate before securing back to the case.

It has been pretty hot out side the last week here in so Ca. so I thought I would just polish the name plate in the laundry room where it is some what cooler. So I get the name plate almost polished out, and drop the damn thing between the washer/dryer. SH--T!! only bout 2" between the washer/dryer, and I cant get my hands between them of course, so I tried a broom handle no good, tried a piece of aluminum 1"x1" flat stock, too short, tried wet/dry vac, too far away DAMN!!! so now I have to pull out the dryer out so I can then move the washer. Dryer is electric of course, so I have to reach behind the dryer and disconnect the 220 volt plug, and the vent hose,

ripped the stupid vent hose. I get the dryer out, pull the washer out and had to use one of those "grabbers" to pick up the plate. Now to Home Depot for a new vent hose.

Put every thing back together, and find out one of the washing machine adjustable feet now is out of adjustment and the washer shakes on spin cycle. Adjustment maxed out, need a new adjustable foot for the washer.

That did it right there. I put the Gibson name plate in the case, picked up my tools, turn the air on real low in the house and made a samich I'm done for the day

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That sounds like the outcome of one of my projects, starts easy and ends up in complications.


Still, you are doing better than me,


For some time I had been looking to seeing the Art Deco inspired Car exhibit at the Frist Museum here in town, so we went to it on Friday, as we get out of the car I bend over to leave my sunglasses in the car and my low back pops and my sciatic nerve gets pinched, the pain is terrible, I had to go through the car exhibit in pain and ended up laying down for most of the weekend.


Today is the first day that the pain is tolerable.


I really wish I could have enjoyed the exhibit more it was so nice, here are a couple of the cars, very interesting stuff.





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Hi Jorge

I know all too well about back backs, been there done that

Some good looking cars. I love going to car exhibits, car shows, anything to do with autos of just about any kind.

On the second round of blocking out your guitar.

I want to put color on it tomorrow.

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