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Here we go again ;)

Del Nilppeznaf

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as ya 's know..i been going thru old recordings...here is a set of 16 odd...recoreded with minidisc again..when I was on my around the world jaunt..


so recoreded over 5 years ish...I have relly forgott sabout most of em..as the rocordings are fro around 2001


they are just ideas really....so wud appriciate any feeed back on what ones i shud work on


I know its a lot of music to listen to...and ther quality is NOT great... but again I beleive there are some decent idea



I also like all ther noise ect in the back ground of some of the recordings..


here is a nearly finished song...about the Tampa crisis that hit Austaralia when i was living therer


its called Refugee




and here's a l;ink to full set..for those who have time to listen





thanks I greatly appreciate any feed back

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hey ppl..


i wasnt expecting so mnay replies..haha


Listen thio..i kno wi been blowin my own silver trumet a bit loud...




It took ME 10 years to get these song..I mean understand them.... like loys of my idols..thery need to be listened too at least 10 to 100 times befor they make an impression


just sayin like.... good bit of back ground music...till it gets into the forground..as i said


Tem,pest by Mr Dylan..is maybe my favoruirite la=bum iof his now..of ALL time


and it took all this this time to` get it...not putting my self up there witht the silver trumpet players..but hey..i like it


and thats all that matter ...what ?


right i'll shut up now :)

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