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Hit a tight spot!


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Haven't deserted you all just hit on a bit of financial trouble, which in turn has made me whittle down on my guitars a bit [sad] . So out goes both Epiphone SG's, and my Gibson Heritage 2012 SG - all 3 not getting the use they should anyway since I got my 2013 standard anyway. In comes this Tele with the money I have left over, should be here tomorrow:




Sorry to see the other guitars go, but I needed to pay bills very quickly, and with what I'm left with there wasn't many Gibson's, or Epi's around for the price of the Tele. So the saving starts again. :rolleyes:

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Well, "Been There, Done That!" :unsure: It's hard, but you'll probably be

better off, "gear wise" in the long run! I know I am! I've sold

or traded several guitars that I wasn't using that much, for other's

that I play all the time, now! And, saving for more, and that

anticipation, is always fun! Good Luck, Stevil! [thumbup]



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Thanks guys, I just miss those 2 guitars. Bence, your right about Tele's, I already have one of those Cabronita (Mex) Tele's and it's an amazing guitar - a real keeper, probably why I chose not to get rid of her in the same coup d'etat.

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Hi Cookieman,

It's this: Fender Standard Telecaster Satin Electric Guitar Arizona Sun, although I didn't buy from these guys - I actually used up all the points I had saved with Nevada music UK. [thumbup]



Nice Tele......adjust the p'ups and it'll sound great stock.


I feel your pain on the "tight spot" ...my annual "profit share" was $5k short of last years, which was $4k short of the previous years. [cursing]

Now instead of an Elitist Casino for my 50th B-day, i'll do well to get an IBJL Casino, or a LGB (Legendary George Benson) Asian Ibanez Jazzbox.


if we hire 3 or 4 more micromanagers w/3 or 4 assistants each, there'll be no more profits to share.

they can't see the forest for the trees...... [glare]


edit: 9/13

got it today & it wasn't nearly as bad as i'd feared,

it seems that i've gotten a good deal more than most others at my workplace.

I guess being the CEO's & VP's favorite has its perks.

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