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On this board' date=' EVERY thread is a Les Paul Picture thread. [/quote']




Well to the best of my ability' date=' I cannot find a Les Paul picture thread... [/quote']


well...here's some that you may have overlooked just briefly sifting through topics +:-@





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kubog' date=' how does that 57 goldtop play.

i really like the darkback one, it looks amazing.

saving up for a R0 though so i probbably wont get a 57 anytime soon[/quote']


Man, that goldtop rocks as hell. I believe its true that Japanese get best guitars, this guitar plays the best of all I´ve ever played on. Which darkback you mean? Buy 57 man those chunky necks are awesome.

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its the 57 goldtop but you can get the lighter back like you have or you can get it in darkback.

if you go on the gibson custom website it has it listed as an option.


i'm now looking at a 57 custom 3 pu with bigsby, a R0, a R9, 57 Goldtop Darkback, a Slash Custom Signature, or possibly a sg standard vos with maestro.


lots to look at and try. it'll take me a while to get the money. once i have the money for an R9/R0 then i'll start trying them out.


if i get an R0, 57 goldtop, R9, or an sg standard i'll probbably put 57 classics in it

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Wow... Just WOW.... All of your guitars are just amazing...Every single one showing the true beauty of the Les Paul


Flight959, The guitar is just incredible...I love the Variety of sounds I can get and the tone... I must say that bringing this one home after trying it out at guitar center (had it on layaway), it just sounded better...

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Hey just while talking about my VM.... The pickups are not the alnico's Correct? I hear both Burstbucker and BB pro's? What I can tell is they sound so amazing.. I can get 80's Metallica to modern System of a down to Classic GNR. Also I plan on my next paul to be an old LP... Any suggestions on what would be a great playing/Looking classic LP... I love the 57's through 59's especially the gold tops...

Merry Christmas and once again every one of your guitars are just jaw dropping amazing...

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