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Any Thoughts on the CLASS 5 Custom SHop Les Paul? specs?


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Does anyone else think that the CLASS % body wise and more over the NECK, FRETS AND WIDTH LENGTH and so on of the guitar feels like the thinner necks of the very early 1970s , late 60s. To me , I havent played a Les Paul since besides my #1 1973 LP Custom B. Bty with WCR COIL Handwound P/ups and some other up grades or downgrades if your the collector type. I play them I dont collect them. Een though i have a nice collection Of guitar . I just cant validate leaving them stashed away somewhere .


ANyway. Am I alone in this thought that the CLASS 5 CUstom shop Gibson which Im not even sure is made anymore is so similiar to the GIbsons of yesteryear and i mean dead on like them Execpt for the fact that the wood isnt 30+ years of dried out Mahogany! So what! It plays unreal. And why do you not hear and see more of them. I guess i need to do my homework on he Class 5 GIbsons!. Maybe im missing he boat on this axe.

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