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Greatest Album Ever?


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What? a Thrash Metal fan on this forum? how did I miss that?


Hard to pick one album because I obviously have many favorites but Metallica's Ride the Lightning was a life definining album for me (and group of friends) when it came out).


A very close second is Piece of Mind by Iron Maiden.

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This really is impossible, but I'll throw in Quadrophenia, London Calling and Exile on Main Street. Of course, now I want to add Neil Young's Tonight's the Night, Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and either Alice Cooper's Love It to Death or Killer. I'll stop writing now before I add too many others. Yep, impossible.

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Since its not been mentioned Axis Bold as Love is one of my faves ever..


Obviously Led Zep 1 and 2, Dark Side, I also agree with Abbey Road and I would have to put Thriller in there too (its a classic) and Songs in the Key of Life (Stevie Wonder).... Way to many good albums to pick just one.



One of my first albums was Appetite for Destruction which I think still sounds great today and it changed my world at the time. Im not gonna say its actually the best ever but it means a lot to me.

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Hard to say.


Do you pick the one that paved the way and influenced your favorite modern bands? For me that would be The VU and Nico.




Do you pick your favorite songs? The one album that humbles you as a song writer? That would be Who's Next.




Do you pick one that touches you emotionally in that special way (not in a naughty way)? The Band s/t.




Or do you just pick the one that makes you want to plug in your guitar, turn on the fuzz box and reverb, and make noise that will level cities? That would be Sonic Youth's Sister or Day Dream Nation.





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So many great ones I love... many been mentioned already....


Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced

Beatles - Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road

Deep Purple - Machine Head, Made in Japan

Boston - Boston

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street or Sticky Fingers

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Zeppelin - Everything up through Physical Graffiti!


So how about a perfect Alt. Country album?




If you don't have it - get it


And this one runs a close second in the same category...




Not much Jazz mentioned yet (Good job on the Take 5 Demoon!) This one should probably be on any one's

"If I were deserted on an island" list.



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Led Zeppelin I, hands down. Everything a good album should be. 9 great songs, top to bottom, no filler, kickass opener.




Close seconds (for me):


Van Halen- Van Halen

KISS- Rock And Roll Over

AC/DC- Powerage

KISS- Creatures Of The Night

KISS/Ace Frehley- Ace Frehley


Yeah, I love KISS. Deal with it.


I beg to differ. It would be Led Zeppelin II :)


- with a close second of Jethro Tull Living in the Past.

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hmmm..............trying to think of the ones I've worn out copies of...........


Aerosmith Live Bootleg

Cheap Trick Standing on the Edge (not their most popular, but I think its awesome)

Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction

Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live

John Mellencamp Scarecrow

The Cars The Cars



I could go on and on and on................many groups that if I could build my own "best of" I would list, but these are the standouts for single album.



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You guys have hit all of my favorites, except:


Aja by Steely Dan, or Heavy Weather by Weather Report, or Soul Box by Grover Washington, Jr., or Aftermath by the Stones


I'm glad that Dark Side of the Moon, Axis Bold as Love, Kind of Blue, and (any) Bill Evans album (although I really like the Final Village Vanguard album) were mentioned.

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