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Hey, it wasn't a starters model... just some of the "different stuff" Gibson tried during the 80s... (when the super strat got famous and sold more than anything else). Gibson's response was to make some different guitars... some ideas were good, some were really bad.


The invader was one of those ideas... I remember some really famous (at the time) artists used them, most of them had rare finishes: sparkle, zebra, tiger, US flag, confederate flag, UK flag and more... I don't know if they were aftermarket/custom finishes or stock tho...


They had the same stuff a les paul has: 2 humbuckers, 3 way switch (positioned near the vol knobs), 2 vol 2 tone controls. The main difference being the bolt on neck and contoured body.


They are good guitars, there's a new member here that has one, maybe you should hop by the lounge and ask him for an opinion, here's the link to his thread:



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