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Anyone have a Assault 220FR?


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I purchased one of these and received it yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised! I set up the action height on the Floyd, and it plays fine. I'll swap out the pickups for Gibsons . A great value for 300 bucks!!


I just got mine this week. There are few things that surprised me. First, that the guitar was equipped with 10-46 strings which are IMO too thick for 25.5" scale, and everyone knows how difficut it is to set the guitar with Floyd Rose properly for other string gauge. Nevertheless, after 1 day playing I decided to use D'Addario EXL120 and I'm glad I did it. I had to adjust truss rod and FR heigth and springs, but I think it was worth it.


I'm a little disappointed with sustain on higher notes, which is comparable with Ibanez RG270 with bolt-on neck, I just expected the guitar with mahoghany set-in neck would have a better sustain. Maybe not as long as Epiphone Nighthawk I have, but at least something in-between. Probably is's due to Floyd Rose bridge, but maybe it's a matter of pickups, too.


As regards pickups, I must say they are decent. I especially like neck pickup, which IMO is warm, powerful and not too muddy, while the bridge seems too weak compared to the neck. Maybe in the future I'll decide to change pickups and modify the electronics so that I'll have individual tone control for each pickup and maybe a 5-pos switch instead of 3-pos. There's plenty of room in the control cavity so modifications are possible.


The guitar is well balanced, maybe a little bit neck heavy, but not as much as Explorer or Nighthawk. Frets are easily accessible up to 24th one, so it's a pleasure to play.


My guitar is white, and yours? Although I like the guitar to be black, I was afraid I wouldn't like the red binding in black one.

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