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1960 hummingbird reissue from 1972

fast Eddie

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Its on ebay. Has double inlays on neck and adjustable saddle. Serial points to 1972.


Mmmm, , , something tells me 1968 - though there's no p-guard screws.


The bridge points the wrong way for a correct early copy, but it could be a detail.

Riddles like this are always popular here - let's wait and hear what people say.



Nice Bird -

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I have seen HBs with serial numbers in the 900000 range (placing them in the early 1970s) that had the double block inlays and adjustable bridges

I don't doubt you Z, and you know I respect your golden-age-eyewitness-status, but finding a photo of one of these would be like goin' for a needle in a haystack , right !?!



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