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Best replacement bridge for Epi Les Paul Tribute Plus


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I recently acquired an Epi Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus in faded cherry. Lovely guitar. What I especially like is that played acoustically it has a surprising and marvellous resonance which translates well when amplified.


But I don't like:


a) the plastic nut

B) the bridge which seems tinny and crappy to me. ( can't get rid of the idiot smiley - sorry!)

c) the stop bar

d) the lack of a fitted scratch plate


The action is also too high for me so the whole thing is going for fettling to a luthier. I intend to get the nut replaced with bone; I have a cream scratch plate available for fitting; and also I intend the stop bar to be replaced with a modified Gibson TP6.


BUT what about the bridge...?


That is my question...recommendations please?

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Just be careful about loosing too much of the "marvellous resonance" when changing all the mentioned parts :-k


It has crossed my mind but my feeling is that it is coming from the wood in this particular guitar - maybe all the Tributes have it but it isn't there to anything like the same degree on my 1956 Epi Goldtop.

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there are lots of good drop in replacements, just make sure you get metric size 'cause american imperial sizes probably wont fit without modification. lots of people recommend Gotoh.


I have never bothered to change any of mine.. but I always get rid of the plastic nut.

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Vomer and Bigneal can give you some good insights as shopping can also be a concern.

At least they are brothers on your side of the pond.


I have replaced the bridges on my LP's with Gotoh and must say they are an improvement IMO over stock.

They are a step up from stock.


I guess what I'm getting at is; how much are you willing to spend? What are your resources in terms of Stores?

Depending on your budget Gotoh is good quality for the money but,

You can spend as much as 150 EUR + shipping for a custom Faber.

I also, am guessing you would prefer to shop on your side of the pond.)


I know that Thomann carries Gotoh, Scaller, and may others:


If you desire specs for post and string spacing it can be found here:


(The products have a spec tab on their description page)


Don't forget what Vomer and Bigneil told you about metric and post holes.

In addition, I believe you're hardware is nickel coated. Don't order chrome by mistake.

It never bothered me but, remember, TP-6's only come in chrome and gold.


Keep us up to date as I am hoping you are not in a hurry.





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