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Greeting from the Kansas prairie. Didn't know exactly where to post this so I'll put it in both introductory forums; feel free to delete one if it's redundant. I was sent over here from the Unofficial Martin Forum (I mean, they didn't kick me out or anything; just thought maybe I'd find some things of interest here). I've owned a bunch of Gibsons over the years, including a couple of J-45's, a J-50, 2 or 3 B-45-12's, an RB-250 (I sold it during particularly hard times and have never gotten over it), but the only Gibson I owned until recently is a 1924 A-Jr. mandolin. I had a beautiful Heritage Custom in the early '70's that I sold to buy a Martin HD-28 (I always said I'd buy the Heritage back one day but I've lost track of it now); the Martin and a Guild F212XL have been my only guitars for the past 35 years or so. Recently I was able to acquire the guitar I've wanted for as long as I can remember; here's my '92 J-200:




I came over to find out what they sold for in '92, but in the meantime someone on the Martin forum supplied me with that information; still, I'll welcome any input from here, and I'm looking forward to mostly hanging around and seeing what's up.

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