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1963 Gibson Es 335TDN


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I have a 1963 ES335TDN - s/n 130562 which I bought second hand from a musician friend in 1968 so I know that the guitar is genuine and was purchased new around 1963/64. As the blonde natural finish was discontinued in 1960, can anyone shed any light on this guitar. I have emailed gibson about this but never got a reply. Everything on the guitar is original apart from one control knob and the six saddles. Could this be the only 1963 blonde 335 in existence? Have attached some photos.







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I would suggest that you visit Charlie Gelber's excellent website, es-335.org, and then contact him.


I would not read too much into "official" records that indicate the 335 TDN was discontinued after 1960 or so. Charlie is one of the best ES 335 historians around, and can probably tell you a lot about this guitar. He has owned more '58-'64 ES 335's than just about anyone.

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