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Casino..Elitist & Limited Edition neck profile


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I just bought a 1965 JL LE..the guitar is stunning.


Neck is slim but seen slimmer, just wondering if the Elitist is the exact same profile.

Think I can manage it.


I've read the Korean are even slimmer and the Inspired series the chunkier chunkier.


Is the Elitist basically the very same guiatr as the 1965 Limited Edition apart from

tuner and Nitro ?


Appreciate any info

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Congrats on your purchase!


FWIW, I have three Casinos:


>The Terada-made Elitist neck is rather small, with a width at the nut of 1-5/8".


>The Korean Peerless neck is larger than the Elitist's, and very comfortable.


>The Chinese '61 reissue's neck is a bit chunkier than the Peerless.


It sounds like the guitar you've purchased is the Assembled in USA (AIUSA) version. It is definitely regarded as the best of the Casino imports to date. I haven't played one, but with the body being made by Terada, I would guess that it's neck profile is quite similar to the Elitist's. I do have the AIUSA Sheraton, and the build quality is amazingly high on these instruments.

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