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So I was part of a covers band with some guys in work and was having problems in getting people to commit to some kind of regular practice schedule. We hadn't played in months and when I suggested we get together in a couple of weeks time only one person could commit. It always seemed like the bass player would never be available despite saying he wanted to be in the band. After this I told them all that I was giving up on trying to arrange everything and nobody showing any interest.


I put an ad on a local musician's site. I basically put up the most honest ad you will ever see. I said i was an intermediate level rhythm Guitar who is 42 years old looking for like minded musicians in my area. I said that I'm not out to make any money on this and it was all about the love of playing live. I listed out all the bands I liked and who influenced me. That same day i was contacted by a drummer who also had his own PA system. A couple of days later a Guitarist got in touch and then a couple of days later I was contacted by a female singer. I was able to recruit the singer of my old work band to play bass and another ex work colleague for keyboards. This was all inside two weeks. A six piece band.


We met up in my house on the 29th of September. We agreed we would play covers initially but not the obvious ones that everyone else seemed to play. We picked three songs to play and then We had a 2 hour practice in my house on the 3rd which went well. Last night we had our first practice in a local recording studio I found on Facebook. It has the most incredible gear. I had a choice of a Marshall JCM 2000 or a Vox AC30.










I'm the one with the Jazzmaster. The songs we have at the moment are:


Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Run - Snow Patrol

How Soon is Now? - The Smiths

Give Me a Reason - Tracey Chapman

Zepher Song - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who


It's great to be in a band with people who are as enthusiastic as me. We are exchanging ideas via texts and emails constantly. We're using Dropbox to put up videos, songs and ideas as well as some videos and audio we shoot at practice.


It's all good!

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I've just gotten into a new endeavor too, and I soon found out, as much fun as it can be,, sometimes you have to put up with "drama" when dealing with new folks...


Good luck Swampy, hope it all goes well for you and the new band.


edit: BTW.. nice studio!

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