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Where Is Our Rebate?


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Wild_Rose wrote:

why didn't you get a regular Les Paul if you weren't happy with the Robot?




I love the Robot technology for my work as a gigging guitarist. In a club situation, the tuning function is the greatest invention ever! Then the ability to have altered tunings was a big plus. Everything needed to speed up and now it has with DF. I'm a player who respects my wood, yes, I play it hard and for long hours every day but I always wipe it down and give it a ritual cleaning on an off night. I was not being unreasonable with the guitar, I was using the MCK for what it was designed for. I just used it allot within the first 11.5 months, When it started sticking after performing the tuning function, and would not return back into performance mode, until I lightly hammered on the switch, I knew the build quality was not up to extended performance level for a club guitarist.


I would have appreciated speaking to A Gibson engineer and having him explain to me what was wrong and go over how I use the guitar; when it happened, and what transpired leading me to sending it in for repair. I think that information would have been valuable input form me "The Guinea Pig". Instead, The Corporate Pig (Think Pink Floyd) floated over me, bestowed a fixed guitar and didn’t ask any questions of the lowly servant.


The problem I have now is I’ve spent the last 24 hours playing the Dark Fire, discovering everything I could from gleaning info from you all, and I see that the DF is the answer for me and my work. It has the tonal characteristics, alternate tunings, extended memory bank that I was wishing the Robot I had, and yes, Gibson is going in the right direction.


I’m still _ _ _ _ ing pissed that I spent $2789 and I have to wait to get the rest of the package. C’mon man we are not a bunch of cockroaches that scamper around in the dark waiting for bits of info to fall from the Gibson corporate table. You guys owe us all a 15% rebate right now and perfect software within 45 days. Your Robot product is good but the musicians make it sing. Without us, you have nothing.

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