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While I have decided to use Meguiars Mirror Glaze Final Inspection #34 (silicone free) for cleaning purposes, I was on a mission to find a polish or wax that would help protect the nitro finish. On my poly finish guitars it is easy, I use pure carnuba wax to seal and protect the finish (it has silicone like all waxes) but for the nitro finish I want to play it safe yet have a quality polish and protectant to keep the Gibson looking as good as she sounds.


While there are alot of great silicone free polishes on the market, none read that they would protect or at least made me feel comfortable enough in that I was getting what I wanted. I read about Gibson pump polish and it had nothing but great reviews (like virtuoso and Music Nomad polish)but not until I read that it contains nitro to help seal, replenish the finish and protect it did I give it a second look. Looking at the label (google images) it said nothing about containing nitrocellulose but did say it contained specially formulated polymers. This threw up a flag because I know there are man made polymers (silicone) which concerned me but I read up and nitrocellulose is a polymer so.... Gibson Pump Polish is what I bought for my J200. I just tried it and while the key is to spray a very fine mist onto a cotton cloth (I use cotton white flannel) you still need to buff with a different cloth to a brilliant shine.


With that, I suggest using Meguiars #34 Final Inspection and Gibson Pump Polish to clean and protect your expensive Gibson!


P.S. Since this is my first Nitro finish guitar and an expensive one at,I use Hercules stands but I am still concerned about the foam rubber since the J200 will always be on the stand (on display when not being played.) My wife has hooked up the stand with black soft cotton covers. Watch for a new thread and pictures.

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Interestingly many dealers say Hercules stands are safe for nitrocellulose finishes, but some say they are not, and this meets the experiences of a pal of mine. Your wife is right with being cautious, and the only better thing than a black soft cotton cloth would be an uncoloured one I think.


There sadly are very few nitrocellulose-safe guitar stand models. I use these here exclusively since one and a half years:



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I figured (and with strong push from my wife) that even though the Hercs are supposedly safe, adding another layer of protection is nothing short of beneficial.


The black cotton covers for the legs where the guitar body rests on are split with Velcro strips sewn in so you can take them on and off if you want. The neck portion was a bit more difficult as she has two covers (one for each side) again using Velcro sewn in and on the back of the holder there is a strip of black cotton held in place by the two covers. Looks good and is working nicely.


Your right about the only thing being safer is white cotton but this cotton was pre-washed before purchase and washed again today so as to make sure it is color fast. Plus black looks good on the stands. All in all my J200 is safe! [thumbup]

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