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Model type of my Les Paul?


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Hi folks, new to the forum and I have a quick question...


Just bought my first Ephiphone off eBay (yep a bit risky!) but I believe I've picked up a good one but don't know the model of it as there was limited description.


All I know is the serial number S020403573 which indicates it was made at the Samick factory in 2002.


The guitar itself (don't know how to post a picture!) has:

No pick guard

Cherry sunburst (lines sort of goin across)

Black pick ups

4 gold knobs

Black switch

On the head stock it says Epiphone slanted

Les Paul in script

GIBSON vertically


Can anyone help me out?

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Take a picture, sign up for photobucket, upload picture to photobucket, copy the link, it'll be on the right side of the page, open this thread, hit reply, click insert image, copy link into the box and voila, your picture is on the internet.

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Looks good to me. I have never seen a copy with the Korean style "Gibson" truss rod cover.


I would say that someone has modded a bit and taken off the pickguard. (if I'm not mistaken, there looks like a wee hole where the screw would have been).


I think it's a LP standard.

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Yes my first instinct was a classic that's why I got it but I wasn't sure. I hope upon close inspection it isn't a fakerino :)


Thanks for your help, phew!


Just short of £150 is a good deal in the uk on an epi les paul std. Nice looking guitar mate, got yourself a bargain. I could do with an eBay impulse buy ha

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Seems to be an Epi LP Classic




or a LP standard with pulled off pickup covers






The Classic was only available in gold or black in 2002. and the classic plus was not available until 2003. I still say standard with some modifications.

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