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LP or SG?

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I've owned a Gibson LP standard and Traditional, and while they sound great and look cool and have good sustain. I play better on an SG. I have more fun with it. It's just more comfortable and inviting, and it leaves me satisfied after playing it. I am always wrestling with the body of an LP. They can sometimes sound a little too dark and muddy. The SG cuts through a mix better.


You also get more for your money with an SG. I got a new SG Standard for under $800 on blowout. Comparing it to a Les Paul Traditional, you're paying over a grand more just for a thicker body and binding on the body. And if you compare prices on an LP studio to a standard, or a standard to an LP custom, you'll see that LP models involve some serious premiums.


My sub $800 SG Standard is the same model that the best and most famous SG players use.


The best and most famous LP players use 59' Les Pauls, which most players will never even get to touch one in their lifetimes.

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What is (neck diving)?

Neck diving means the tendency of the instrument's neck to move towards the ground when wearing a neck-heavy guitar or bass on a strap. This is caused by the centre of gravity being closer to the upper strap knob than the lower. In extreme cases it might even be located between upper strap knob and headstock. Unless the neck is supported or the body is held down sufficiently, a large imbalance can cause the headstock smash to the ground.


SG guitars and basses usually are more or less neck heavy, some other guitars and many other basses, too. Les Paul guitars are nicely balanced in general but call for strap locks due to the mounting angle of the upper strap knob.

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I own, and Love, both Les Paul's and SG's! As many here know,

I hadn't owned an SG in 40 years. Loved them as guitars, but

cosmetically, I didn't care for the smaller bevels, and NO horn

tapering (except on the '61 reissue). But, when Gibson had a

"blow out," on "Satin '61's, I bought one, and fell "head over

heels" in LOVE with it, and when the "Original," "Kirk Douglas"

and '61 Les Paul tribute models were introduced, with all the

early '60's beveling, and horn tapering, I went SG Crazy,

and got one of each! [blush][scared] LOL :rolleyes:[biggrin] [biggrin]


I'd never done anything remotely like that, before! And, I don't

have a single regret, or "pause" about it, now, either.


But, whichever you end up with, I'm sure you'll Love! They're both

outstanding solid body Gibson electric's! [thumbup]



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I'm a fan of both the SG and LP, got one of each. The SG is nothing like any strat I have owned.


There is a "Gibson" tonality that both LPs and SGs share but they both feel quite different to me. I prefer the tone of my LP but the SG is more comfortable.



- not as heavy as most LPs

- better upper fret access

- more midrange than my LP

- slightly neck heavy

- more comfortable to play



- I prefer the look over an SG

- more bass and highs than my SG, I prefer the tone of my LP

- better sustain than my SG

- better balance than my SG (my LP is chambered)

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