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Last Of The Single Cut Juniors?


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New to this Forum, and new to Les Paul ownership. Jumping in, and in a big way. I am now the proud bearer of a single cut sunburst Junior, one with a six digit (no space) yellow ink stamped serial number starting with 9. So far, so good, as 1959 was one of the six digit years. But a single cutaway? I've heard they exist, but are few and far between. Mine has narrow frets, which I understand is also consistent with the last of the single cuts. One oddity is the pot I've been able to access (tone pot with 134713 code). This would date to 1957...early for a '59, but not totally out of the realm, right?. Can't get to the volume pot without doing some unsoldering, so I prefer not going there. So, do you think I have one of the last of these fellas? Do you have a '59 single cutaway, either in tv or sb? Do you know how many might be out there? Any information that you can share on the matter would be greatly appreciated!


Oh, and by the way, I plan to play the hell out of her!





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