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SnapJack - Power Drain?


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I am using one of these with my DF http://www.zzounds.com/item--JODSNAPJACK. Question is whether I can leave the tip piece in the DF all the time without causing battery drain. Anyone have an idea if the circuit gets activated when the plug is in? I have seen few guitars with Active circuitry act like this so wanted to check. Thanks in advance.




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If it were me I would remove ithe Snap JAck when not in use. and keep it 10 feet away from the mag stripe on my VISA card, or DAT tape.


Seems Battery drain on DF occurs with/without being connected to anything. The TRS Jack does not switch on/off the Tronical power. They want that Bluetooth wireless module to work without the need for a 1/4" plug to turn things "ON". Its like an old Ipag PDA - the thing remains in Standby.


remember to charge it weekly.


For the least Battery drain, just Push the MCK Down - without enabling the PEQ.

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